This studio has a history in the italian art scene of the 19th century. 

Used by both sculptor and painter, it is space conceived for working from live, under the constant norther light, allowing the best circumstance for painting.





After graduating from art school, this place resembles the precious condition in which we learned our craft, tha we practice continuosly.

Our team

Giannina Mellema


Was born in the north of italy , near the lake maggiore. Her interest in drawing showed early . The support of her family was fundamental to enable the pursuit of her studies on florence . ( Starting around 2015) Starting intensely with drawing she went on to further pursue her studies at florence academy of art, where she learned visual representation following in the academic tradition . Giannina now works in her private studio, where she paints from life and researches the representation of reality.

Martha Helga


Was born in Germany. Art has always played a role in her life and although painting presented itself as the last; it was the path chosen . She directly went onto pursue her studies in florence where she trained at the florence academy of art (2019-2021) in the tradition of figurative realism . Martha works from life and under natural light in her private studio.
She is interested in the subtle dialog between form and light, which informs all of her work.

Why Us?

Art trainig

We offer classical training for those interested in representational drawing and painting. Hours are flexible, weekly or monthtly depending on your needs.


We come from the art school of Florence, we have several years of experience and we provide full support to those who are eager to learn this wonderful art.

Tradition and Innovation

We are two painters beginning a path of our own, following the steps of traditional oil painting, responded in todays actuality.